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Incantation - Unholy Massacre CD



Necroharmonic Records has given us a limited number of copies of the Unholy Massacre rare/live release. As a gesture to our fans, we've created a deal on our website which will give you this double CD FREE with the purchase of the Unholy Massacre T-shirt.

The recorded audio on this release is un-mastered and in its VERY original state. Although this CD truly captures the early eras live essence in all it's raw glory, (John McEntee and current members of) Incantation's input was not sought with this release - in turn we hope this offer is received by you with the best intent.

With the purchase of the Unholy Massacre T-shirt you will receive this double CD and an EXCLUSIVE insert that is only available through and written by John McEntee to give further insight to the material therein. Be sure to get in on this free CD offer while supplies last!

Disc 1 : Contains the original mix of Demo # 1 - 1990 featuring Will Rahmer from Mortician on vocals and a live soundboard recording with Will on vocals - which was recorded in Buffalo NY in late 1990. This CD also features the 1st live recording with members of Profanatica from early 1990. Also included is the 1st rehearsal demo of Incantation with Paul Ledney on vocals in its uncut format. CD contains 14 Tracks.

Disc 2 : Contains an unreleased 2 song demo from 1990 with Craig Pillard on vocals and a live soundboard from New Jersey. as well as previously unreleased pre-Onward to Golgotha line up rehearsals from early 1991. CD contains 17 tracks.