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29 Years and still going Strong!

Posted on November 05 2018

There are some milestones that soar above all - achievements of such magnitude that they loom like insurpassable mountains of diabolical darkness whose summit can only be reached with the strength and resolve of herculean effort. Such has been the myth-like journey of vertigo-inducing death metal legends, Incantation.
This month, the band celebrates such a milestone with their 29th year of existence - a turbulence-filled existence that would have seen the end of a lesser band. It was only through the support of the fans that the determination and drive to continue a three decade quest for infernal brutality was achieved.
From humble beginnings way back in '89, band mainman, John McEntee, extends an invite to all fans - new and old alike - to join Incantation as they commemorate the colossal and malevolent visions of all former and current members as part of the 'Siege Of The Profane Tour 2018'.