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DEATH METAL" horror movie featuring Incantation is now available on Tube!

Posted on August 13 2023

Death Metal Movie
We make an appearance in this — so be sure to check it out! Now showing on Tubi.
The new independent heavy metal horror movie DEATH METAL has just released on TubiTV.
The film tells the story of a struggling death metal band who goes into the studio and inadvertently records an album so evil than anyone who hears it falls under a deadly curse.
DEATH METAL is the passion project of writer-director Michael Kuciak, who also edited and produced the film.
DEATH METAL stars Shadia Martin, Nico Zahniser, Chris Richards, KateLynn Newberry, Kara Joy Reed, E. Ray Goodwin (who also served as stunt coordinator), Jonny Yurco, Stefanie Barber, Tom Kondilas, Carmen Gangale, and Joe Gaal (who also worked on fx makeup).
DEATH METAL is being released by Bayview/VIPCO. It was produced by Michael Alden, and Ian Holt of Alt-House Productions; Elzbieta Szoka of Perryloop Productions; Dan Gutschmidt (who also composed the score); and Kuciak under his production company Blast Furnace Media. Kyle Severn (of the death metal band Incantation) is an associate producer.
DEATH METAL lives up to its title with a crushingly heavy soundtrack that includes songs by Incantation (who also appear on stage in the film), Cannibal Corpse, Embalmer, The Convalescence, Shed the Skin, FaithXTractor, Blackfinger, and others.
DEATH METAL was shot in Ohio, including an opening sequence at the famous Agora in Cleveland.
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Festivals & Awards
Gen Con Film Festival - Official Selection
Cult Movies International - Best Experimental; Best First Time Filmmaker
Chicago Indie Film Awards - Best Horror
Chicago Filmmaker Awards - Nominee Best Horror
Horror Hotel - Top-3 Best Feature
Film Basement Horror Film Awards - Best Makeup; Best Score
Midwest Monster Fest - Honorable Mention
LA Independent Film - Best Feature Horror
Santa Monica Film Awards - Semi-Finalist Best Feature Horror
Banshee Drama and Horror Fest - Semi-Finalist Best Horror Feature; Winner Best Horror Feature Art Direction; Semi-Finalist Best Horror Feature Cinematography; Winner Best Horror Feature Actress (Shadia Martin); Winner Best Horror Feature Sound Design; Finalist Best Horror Feature Soundtrack