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INCANTATION pandemic update

Posted on May 18 2020

It should come as no surprise... we, like everyone else, are homebound. So far as tours, festivals etc. we share in the worldwide empathy of this unprecedented shut down. The impact of this has struck all involved. We hope that everyone (no matter the affiliation) are healthy and safe during this so we may rage yet again in 2021. Tentative opportunities have surfaced for the new year, but at this early a stage? Understandably we’re waiting as much as yourselves for concrete plans before presenting anything that just soon may collapse under the weight of this pandemic. 


Remaining productive and positive we have continued to write, file share and  prepare for our next upcoming album. Rest assured even now more metal is being created. Again, we hope all of whom we know friend, family, bands etc stay safe and do what’s possible to prevent the viral spread but forever remain infected by death metal. 


Till then.