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Joey “Fingers” Lombard R.I.P. 3/10/1969 - 1/3/2012

Posted on January 03 2018

Today with heavy hearts we are reminded of our fallen brother Joey Lombard. Today marks six years since his passing, he would’ve been 49 now. The torch may have passed, but the fire he put in the souls of those who knew him best find the fires still burning. From his early works with Gehenna paving the way to joining the ranks of Incantation. His contributions for the Blasphemy, Decimate Christendom, Primordial Domination, Thieves of the Cloth and Scapegoat 7”s resonates his legacy. He crushed stages across the US to Europe and as far as Australia with his thunderous bass and venomous lyrics that still stand poignant as ever. Missed and never forgotten we hope you will share in this somber time by enjoying the early 2000’s era of Incantation that he helped create. R.I.P brother of metal.