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Jason Reaves Wins Sonny's “Shred Lick Competition”.

Posted on January 04 2018

An arduous task of being Judge and Jury to the execution of Sonny’s “Shred Lick Competition” has ended. A hundred plus submissions from around the globe were laid before him to meticulously choose amongst them the sole winner. It wasn’t easy over the weeks since it’s inception. For many of the videos were amazing to behold as the shredders of the world added their own contributions. But there could be only one, and so it is for . Jason’s very own video can be seen for your own enjoyment on YouTube and through Sonny’s Facebook page. An amazing display of talent from both the “lick’s” creator and it’s mirroring by Jason. Congrats from all of us in Incantation and we hope that you enjoy the much deserved prizes in honor of your insane shredding.