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INCANTATION - The Infernal Storm (CD)



Death Metal Overlords Incantation have slithered forth from the smoldering, bottomless pit of Gehenna, emancipating all that is repugnant. Crippling the consecrated with "The Inferal Storm", Incantation embody all that is heinous, deforming serenity with punishing power and blistering ferocity reeking of absolute immorality. Recorded at Cleveland's Mars Recording Complex with Bill Korecky (Earth Crisis, Integrity), "The Infernal Storm" sees Incantation retaliate with a newfound malice. Exorcising the timid with the subtlety of a cloven hoof to the head, Incantation commit their most catastrophic act, digging a barbed wire crown of thorns into the head of Christ and reveling in the unsightly spectacle before them. Enter Pandemonium!!

1. Anoint the Chosen    3:53
2. Extinguishing Salvation    4:07 
3. Impetuous Rage     5:04
4. Sempiternal Pandemonium     6:18
5. Lustful Demise      5:15
6. Heaven Departed      7:33
7. Apocalyptic Destroyer of Angels      3:19
8. Nocturnal Kingdom of Demonic Enlightenment    4:29