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INCANTATION - Upon The Throne of Apocalypse (Black Vinyl LP)



Incantation "Upon The Throne Of Apocalypse" Reissue on black 12". This pressing is limited to 500 pieces. 

Inaugural vinyl pressing & remastered audio of Death Metal legends INCANTATION’s Upon the Throne of Apocalypsethe original rough mix of the recording that became the infamous full-length album Mortal Throne of NazareneDynamic-yet-raw, brutal-yet-atmospheric, and death-yet-doomy, Upon the Throne of Apocalypse remaster features the original artwork by Wes Benscoter (Slayer, Nile, Cattle Decapitation).


A1 Abolishment Of Immaculate Serenity 8:20
A2 Blissful Bloodshower 0:48
A3 The Ibex Moon 4:34
A4 Nocturnal Dominium 5:57
B1 Iconoclasm Of Catholicism 3:19
B2 Essence Ablaze 3:23
B3 Emaciated Holy Figure 3:44
B4 Demonic Incarnate 5:51